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Where would you like to go? Do you have enough time or you want a few hours trip before your depart from Athens?

In both cases Hellas Myth is the best choice for you! This unique experience will reflect in your mind and heart so don’t forget to take photos during your trip.

Do you want to visit incredible islands at your own pace or a few-hours escape will be enough to full your batteries before your depart from Athens??

Yachting with Hellas Myth will be an experience of a lifetime.




One of the great advantages of yachting in Aegean Sea is the small distances between many of the islands, that which makes these small heavens lovely all-year-round destination. We offer few hours cruises so If you have limited time but want to spoil yourself you may easily visit islands such as Aegina, Patroklos , Fleves or Cape Sounion. Fast Myth tour fills you with pleasure and serenity. You will definitely enjoy the Greek sun, crystal clear waters and secret beaches.


Let us lead you to your next adventure with our one day cruises. For those who want to feel free for one day this is for you!! Soak up the sun during a carefree day at the most breathtaking side of Aegean Sea. Discover Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, four picturesque islands which all hide archaeological treasures, isolated anchorages and of course cosmopolitan harbors. In case you feel limited in specific routes, itinerary is yours to change following your mood and your individual needs.


Multi day tours are our specialty! Taking into consideration that one’s dreamy vacation differs from others opinion, we offer the possibility for you to plan your very own itinerary. Some are excited to swim at isolated beaches and explore the sea bed and its untouched life. Together with the captain, you will plan the itinerary. You will choose the stops at the islands of your preference. You will be surprised by the limitless choices you have.