About Us

Leading Charter Company in Athens

Live your Myth in Greece! An integrated yachting experience.

Hellasmyth.com is a Leading Charter Company in Athens, offering luxury yacht cruises around Athens. We strive to deliver supreme yachting experiences at affordable prices. Cruise in style with Hellas Myth and discover luxurious yachts in Athens. Finding yacht chartering or boat rental companies in Athens, Greece are not difficult, however to search for the perfect yacht and tailored services/events are not that easy. We provide yacht rental and yacht charter services, as well as cooperate events or meetings, private transfers, and other activities/services (click here)


  • We have a diverse fleet of our own yachts and exclusive partnerships.
  • Our company has our own mini vans and cars for transfers/tours.
  • Our staff’s extensive experience and deep knowledge of the industry ensures a direct, honest and straight-talking approach. We provide our guests an exclusive personalized service with great attitude and professionalism. We strive to provide high-end customer service.
  • Hellas Myth will ensure the best service at the most competitive prices in the market and with no hidden charges! Your personal friendly advisor will accompany you throughout the process ready to assist you at any given time. Your satisfaction is our priority!
  • Our company is committed to ensuring 24/7 availability for you and your guests.
  • Good reputation – we make sure all clients leave our charters happy.
  • We strive to be safe and reliable in our charter operations. Safety is our primary concern in all charters, as we want you to be safe while enjoying your charter.